Our Story

our-story-imgWe’re health nuts who like a bit of choice. We know how important
it is to keep hydrated but we know how boring water can be.
We also know that most alternatives to water are full of sugar and
other nasties. When we couldn’t find a drink with the health benefits
of water that tasted great, we decided to make our own.

So we began experimenting with natural flavours and testing out the
results on our friends and families. The feedback was very positive so we decided to start our own business making great tasting healthy drinks for health nuts just like us! The idea was simple; no additives, no calories, no sweeteners or preservatives – just lightly flavoured water with natural fruit, herbs and spices.

We sold our first case in May 2014 and since then we’ve been getting the message out that water can taste great and still be good for you.

And that’s how NUE was born. It is as we say ‘Water but Better!’

We hope you love it as much as we do!